Bonding Treats - For the WHOLE FAMILY

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Bundles of joy to share with the whole family! 

Set A (Suitable for 3-4pax): @ Only $55! (U.P: $56.90)

1. Froyo Bundle (Chocolate Divine) x1 Tub Froyo

2. Signature Nutty Acai Bowl (Large)

3. Honey Greek Yogurt Bowl (Regular)

4. Avocado Milk Gula Specialty Drink

5. Mango Mania Yogurt Smoothie

Set B (Suitable for 4-6pax): @ Only $75! (U.P: $77.90) Plus Free Delivery!  

1. Froyo Bundle (Crunch Lover) x2 Tubs Froyo

2. Signature Mango Acai Bowl (Large)

3. Honey Berries Yogurt Smoothie

4. Avocado Coconut Smoothie

5. Honey Greek Yogurt Bowl